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Participating artists: Nicole Baxter, Linda Chow, Robin Dupont, Milt Fischbein, Matt Gould, Terry Hildebrand, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Diane Krys, Darren Petersen, Jean-Claude and Talar Prefontaine, Shona Rae and Simon Wroot.

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#GivingTuesdayCA ❤️ Time

Photo by Ryan HK

November 27, 2018, is GivingTuesday. What is GivingTueday, you ask? After BlackFriday and CyberMonday comes a global movement for giving and volunteering. Across Canada and around the world, GivingTuesday unites communities by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another.

Today we feature the gift of TIME
and ACC volunteer Jeff Yee. If you've seen any photos of the Alberta Craft Gallery events, chances are Jeff was behind the camera.
Time is an amazingly valuable contribution to most, if not all, non-profit organizations and Jeff is very well aware of it. Granting your time to contribute to success stories, to share your skills, and connect with your community is a great gift.

Jeff has been a volunteer at the Alberta Craft Gallery in Calgary since day one (about a year and a half ago) and is pretty much a staple at every event now! Jeff is a professional photographer who never shies away from sharing his talent with the arts and culture sector in Calgary. We asked Jeff Yee a few questions about what volunteering means for him.
  • ACC: How did you first become involved with the Alberta Craft Council in Calgary? (I know you are friends with Jill but you could have said 'no' 😊)
    J: My introduction to the Alberta Craft Council in Calgary was through Jill Nuckles, who I’ve been friends with through my wife Joanie for many years. Jill and Joanie were at ACAD at the same time. I have been photographing different events for Jill over the years, so when she asked if I could volunteer my time with the Alberta Craft Council here in Calgary, I couldn’t say no! As my wife is a fibre artist and many of our friends are artists. I want to help promote and support the arts and crafts community in any way I can.
    ACC: thanks Jill!


photo by Jeff Yee

  • ACC: What do you think makes Alberta fine craft special?
    J: What makes Alberta fine craft special, is the growth of the artists and how they support each other, by sharing their skills and knowledge with each other and the next generation. I also believe the uniqueness of the fine crafts that are created in Alberta reflects the diversity of the environment we live in and surrounds us.
  • ACC: Which event has been your favourite to shoot at the Alberta Craft Gallery?
    J: I would have to say that my favourite event that I’ve photographed was the ‘Light the Gallery’ event. This was the beginnings of the Calgary gallery, and brought so many of the artists together, along with the support of the community. It just had a fun-loving atmosphere about it, and everyone was having such a great time! There were just so many great moments to capture.

photo by Jeff Yee

  • ACC: Do you volunteer as a photographer for any other not-for-profit organizations?
    J: I [also] photograph events regularly for Theatre Calgary and Alberta Theatre Projects. I have a love for arts and crafts, but also for the performing arts, as I find live theatre to be very culturally enriching.
  • ACC: A secret of the trade…What’s your go-to icebreaker when photographing people?
    J: Well, that’s a hard question to answer. This is a skill that I’ve developed over the years as a people photographer and my interactions with 1000’s of people over those years. But if I had to offer up one thing in photographing people; that would have to be how you treat the people you’re capturing, just be yourself and treat them as you would treat your friends or neighbours. They have to feel comfortable with you and see you as a friend just taking a photo.

There's no question; an image is worth a thousand words. Thanks, Jeff, for helping us tell our story!

Are you interested in volunteering with the Alberta Craft Council? Connect with us, send us a message to
Wish to donate to the Alberta Craft Council? Give to us through Canada Helps


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